About Us


Hi! I’m Susie Fishman, founder of Meet My Kneads®, a for-purpose organization that supports brain-healthy food prep with our line of small batch, kosher spice blends. Our driving passion is that if you properly season your food, you are much more likely to eat all the good, brain-healthy stuff! 

I spent most of my career in education and technology with a focus on building reliable processes and productive teams. I'm a problem-solver. When I became aware of the urgent need to address campus food insecurity, I recognized this as an opportunity to take action to support these at-risk students and promote equity. 100% of profits from spice blend sales goes to our partner organizations - Swipe Out Hunger and Nazun. With every purchase, you are supporting students too!

With our creative, playful packaging, these blends make the perfect thank you-hostess-bday-new home gift. Guaranteed to bring a smile, every time. 

Love your brain. Spice your food.

Cheers to you,